The Simpsons Fanfic

In Springfield, Bart Simpson channel surfs the TV displaying glimpses of Digimon, the Tenth Doctor becoming responsible for the Sycorax Leader's death in Doctor Who and a wrestling match between two women.  Before long, Bart drifts off to sleep.

Bart:  Ay, Caramba!

Bart dreams about watching two girls kissing each other.

Bart:  Now where have I seen that girl in pink before...

Bart fails to remember the girl in pink is Family Guy's Meg Griffin while the other girl is American Dad's Hayley Smith.

Sherri/Terri:  Bart!

Bart turns around and sees Sherri and Terri running towards him.  Suddenly, Bart's other old love interests appear from out of nowhere and start fighting Sherri and Terri.

Gina:  Bart's mine!

Sherri:  Mine!

Terri:  Mine!

After a while seeing the girls fighting over him, Bart steps forward.

Bart:  Ladies, ladies.  There's plenty of me to go around.

Girls:  Shut up, Bart!

Marge:  Oh, Bart, my special little guy.

A speechless Bart finds himself wearing a diaper before seeing Marge holding a baby bottle in her hand.  Afterwards, Bart sees Homer, Lisa, Maggie and the pets, Santa's Little Helper and Snowball, laughing at him.

Lisa:  Nice diaper, Bart.

Sideshow Bob:  Die, Bart, die!

Before he knew it, Bart watches Homer rip his face off, revealing himself to be Sideshow Bob in disguise.  Bart then screams as he sees his archenemy swing his machete onto his head until the Simpson boy wakes up while he feels his heart thumping in his chest.  By the time he hears the sounds of thunder and lightning outside, Bart sees Sideshow Bob standing in front of him and staring at him with an evil smile on his face.

Bart:  Ahhh!  Sideshow Bob!

Suddenly, Bart wakes up again and begins to notice Homer and Marge talking with Milhouse's parents, Kirk and Luann, in the distance.

Kirk:  Your daughter broke our Milhouse's heart.

Luann:  Now he won't leave his room.

Homer:  If my daughter ain't interested in your wiener son, then she ain't interested in your wiener son.  And if there's anyone Lisa would be interested in, it would be somebody like the mysterious El Barto.  Unless El Barto is a wiener himself.

After seeing Homer unknowingly talking about him, Bart gets up, walks to his room, gets out his spray cans and sneaks out of the house disguised as a ninja with the intention of creating another El Barto tag somewhere in Springfield.  Many years later in the future, an elderly Bart sits on his chair next to the elderly Milhouse on his own chair.

Bart:  Hey, Milhouse?  Did I ever tell you the time I had those strange dreams and how they led me to my best El Barto work ever?


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